Capacity Building Programs

PWWSD is aware that its work requires sustainability and ongoing communication with women. The organization strives to achieve financial sustainability by developing the qualifications of its staff and thereby developing its income-generating capabilities through implementing training courses and counseling through a counseling and training unit, in order to provide services to other organizations, particularly community-based organizations aimed to benefit women in society. The main activities of the capacity building program are as follows: 1- Lamasat Embroidery and Handcrafts Project: The project provides women with raw materials to produce embroidery and local handicrafts. The products are sold for the benefit of women themselves. The project markets the products through its permanent exhibition in the headquarters of the PWWSD in Ramallah, as well as through arranging seasonal exhibitions locally and regionally. In addition, the products are marketed through the website of the organization. The project provides work opportunities for hundreds of women from rural areas, with a focus on women heads of families. It has arranged several training courses to develop the capacity and skills of women in the production and expansion of the products they produce, for example in the finishing of products and the production of new items such as embroidered accessories, and in increasing productivity. 2- Bint Baladi Sewing workshop: In Gaza Strip (Jabalia Refugee Camp, Al-Maghazi), PWWSD runs two sewing workshops for women who produce Palestinian embroidery and repair clothes. 3- Zewada Restaurant: The restaurant serves Palestinian traditional dishes. Zewada helps working women through providing a resource of healthy food for their families. In addition , the project provides work opportunities for staff members within the restaurant, and for the women from agricultural cooperatives who supply the restaurant with their production. 4- Video Conference Hall: In its headquarters in Ramallah PWWSD has a video conferencing facility that is available for rent to interested organizations. The main purpose of this facility is to connect with the Gaza Strip in order to overcome the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation.